Black Hat SEO Tacticts To Stay Away From

There are 2 types of SEO techniques that you could apply in your SEO strategy and they are white hat and black hat. White hat techniques are considered better to use and black hat SEO techniques are frowned upon by the search engines. It is important that you know what some of the most common black hat SEO techniques are so that you can avoid them and the penalties that they bring.

Paying For Links

One of the most commonly used black hat techniques is to buy back links. While this technique will provide a short-term boost to your search rankings, in the long-term it will only hurt your website. Buying links means that you do not have to worry about the quality of your site and the anchor text that is used for the links will be set to the customer’s preferences. This is one of the reasons why this SEO technique is considered to be very bad by the search engines.

Spam Comments

There is nothing more annoying than getting a comment on content that is a worthless message with a non-related promotional link to their website. This is a spam comment and is not good for your website. Spam comments are created to try and get free back links, but the links you get from these comments generally offer no benefit to your search engine rankings.

Spam comments will not only harm the website that is posting them, but your website as well. If you have spam comments on your content and are not removing it the search engines could think that your website is neglected. It will also cause annoyance with your readers as they are faced with these spam comments.

Duplicate Content

As the name would suggest, duplicate content is content which is identical to other content on the internet. Search engines prefer unique content and will penalize websites that do not have any content that is their own. Duplicate content does not only affect content that is the same across a number of different domains. If there is content on the same domain that is duplicated the search engines will also penalize the website.

Article Spinning

Article spinning is a black hat SEO technique that looks at trying to make content different to the original. Spinning will use special software that takes the original source and finds synonyms for words and phrases until the content is considered unique. The problem with article spinning is that much of the meaning of the content can be lost as nonsensical words are used.


Cloaking is another black hat technique that you need to avoid. This technique will present different content to the search engines and the general user. This technique is used to deceive the search engines into ranking a website for keywords that it does not relate to. Using this technique is a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines and will result in your website being blacklisted by the search engine.